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The light that Inspires

I hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful and rainy holiday season.

The Christmas season usually gives me reason to reflect on my own childhood and where my life has taken me. I¬†was thinking about how much has evolved here at Morning Glory and where we are now and the inspiration that brought us this far. I know that my inspiration was rooted when I was a child in Kenya and a visitor came from Washington to spend a day at our school, her name was Mrs. Washington. I recall how my imagination piqued from her visit. She introduced a variety of Christmas cards and Easter cards and she asked us students to make a house of all this paper as an art project. I thought ‘We have never seen these things before,’ and wondered how we could create a house from paper. And so my imagination just clicked with this experience and the art project introduced to us and all of a sudden I knew it was an inspiring moment of my life. So, this is the inspiration I like to give to children. I think it is very, very important that teachers be the light in which the children can relate to…or, teachers can demonstrate creativity in ways that lights a child’s imagination. They can make the children’s light go on. I’ve been teaching for 25 years now and am enjoy watching when this happens. I am enjoying it a lot!

You take care now,


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