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Third and Fourth Graders’ Yosemite Trip 2013

on July 1, 2013


Are my “soul lessons” finding fertile ground in the children?

In early May, the class and I, along with four indispensable parent chaperones, spent five glorious days communing with the light-soaked granite mountains, verdant meadows, flowering dogwoods, giant sequoias, and singing waterfalls of Yosemite.  We hiked, we sang, we played on the rocks, we listened to Miwok legends, we pondered the poetic musings of John Muir, we sketched what we saw during the day, and then we painted what we sketched late at night.  We experienced each waking moment with bodies and senses fully alive.

Our most exhilarating time was the day we hiked up the Mist Trail to the top of Vernal Falls.  On our right, a sheer wall of granite stretched up to the sky.  On our left, a slippery granite slope slid down to a jumble of bone-crushing boulders washed by the mighty Merced.   Under our feet, an uneven granite staircase carved by gnomes with a wicked sense of humor called forth from all of us our inner mountain goats.  Our labored breathing could not be heard over the deep-throated singing of the waterfall.  Our bodies literally vibrated with it.

Suddenly, in the midst of this drama, a child’s voice calmly floated up to me, “Mrs. Wang, I’m like the bear cub following in mama bear’s footsteps!”  This was a reference to the Miwok legend about the two bear cubs and El Capitan.

The children and I (as well as the parents!) had forged a bond strong enough for them to follow me up a sheer granite cliff with calm confidence.  In so doing, they discovered for themselves that the force of the unrelenting waterfall, the pervasive mist, and the immovable granite was but a reflection of the power inside them!


Teacher Eva

All Pictures Taken By Rex Lo

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